Whitehorse Weather and Climate

Our climate is full of pleasant surprises!


How’s the weather up there? Climate questions are always one of the first questions we get asked as northern REALTORS®. Who can argue that there is a persistent stigma that Whitehorse is always covered in snow? 

We love explaining to newcomers that the weather in Whitehorse is for the most part, quite mild, especially when compared to other northern communities. In fact, according to the weather station at the airport, the average yearly temperature is −0.1 °C (31.8 °F).  Surprisingly, we are recognized as the warmest city in the Yukon Territory, mainly due to the fact that Whitehorse is found in a valley. 

In addition to the fact that we aren’t always buried in 10 feet of snow here are our unique winter and summer skies. Since Whitehorse is located so far up north our summer days are extended almost to 19 hours some weeks! That means extra fun in the sun! Temperatures in the summer are very pleasant with the July average clocking in at 20.6 °C (69.1 °F).

Though it can get dark for longer periods in the winter, there is a unique trade-off because we are also formally known as Canada’s driest city. That’s right, if you don’t enjoy the rain, then Whitehorse might be your ideal home!