about1Meet Graham Frey

My family and I have lived in the Yukon for over 6 years. I am a proud husband and father of three. My wife and I are originally from Winnipeg. We first moved to Whitehorse in 2009. After our second child was born we decided to move back to Winnipeg but quickly realized that the Yukon was home for us. We love the communal nature of Whitehorse. The beautiful scenery of the Yukon and believe it is a wonderful place to raise our children. We are proud to call Whitehorse home.

I’ve transitioned to Real Estate from the sports and recreational management business, where I spent 12 years as a member of The Professional Golfers Association of Canada. During my career I developed exceptional client service skills allowing me to connect with clients, listen and ask important questions. This process allowed me to create an action plan based on the understanding of; who my clients are, what their needs are, when they need to be achieved by, Where they see themselves and why it is important to them. My experience with this model is a benefit to my clients as I thrive to provide the best service, knowledge, and commitment possible.

about2Communication is the key to our success working together as a team. No two clients are the same, and I don’t expect everyone to like the same type of communication. Some clients like to be communicated with daily, some weekly. Some via phone or text, some email and some in person. Which ever is your preferred method of communication is fantastic for me!

Its my pleasure to be of service to you.

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